Q & A

Frequently asked questions about the St.Dionysios Community Center Building Project

Why are we building The St. Dionysios Community Center Hall?

Your November 2012 General Assembly has, following surveys conducted by Parish leadership and the Archdiocese Office of Development, given approval to proceed with a Capital Campaign for the building of the St Dionysios Community Center. In March 2016 your General Assembly approved moving forward with building permits and plan drawings for construction.
The building of the New Community Center and benefits are outlined in the Statement of Need Letter sent to all parishioners in 2011.

How long will we be taking pledges?

We will be asking the entire parish to consider making new pledges this year (2016). We will continue to solicit new pledges until we know that we can cover the costs of Phase I construction.

How long will we have to fulfill our new pledge?

We do need gifts to be given as early as possible, which will allow us to move forward with construction.However, many of us are able to give the amount we would like to, over a 2-3 year period. (Between 2016 and 2017 to 2018). As soon as we receive the necessary funds to cover the constructions costs, we will move forward.

How much will it cost?

Since the General Assembly has given the approval to move forward with Phase I of construction, at a cost of $975k. Phase II and III will be completed as funds are received during our Capital Campaign.
The original project was $2.3 million and was scaled down into Phases to allow for fundraising.

When will we break ground?

As soon as we have raised approximately 70% of the cost of Phase I or $700K.
Our goal is not to add any new debt to our Parish for the construction of the project.

When will it be completed?

Our expected time frame is 9-12 months from ground breaking to completing construction.

Will we have a mortgage?

Our goal is to complete this project with fundraising covering the entire costs of the project.

How will this affect annual stewardship giving?

This is very important for all of us to think about. Our gift that we pledge for building The St. Dionysios Community Center must be done “above and beyond” our normal stewardship, or annual giving.

Are we building a Cadillac building when perhaps a smaller one would suffice?

We are not building a Cadillac building. In fact, the original project has been scaled from 8-9 million to $2.3 million. Following our survey conducted by Archdiocese, office of Parish Development in 2012, we have scaled the project into Phases.
Phase I at a cost of $975k. Is what we are now working on. Of course during our Capital Campaign, As pledges and funds are received, we can alter our building plans to include Phase II and III.
As presented at our General Assembly meeting in November 2012.Phase I will provide us with a full service Community Center hall.

Where are we now?

We continue to fundraise both within our parish and outside of the parish. We will keep everyone posted on our progress. Inside the Narthex of our Church, a board is posted to reflect our ongoing progress.

I don’t feel like I am capable of making a donation at this time. What should I do?

In true Christian stewardship, we seek gifts of equal sacrifice, not equal amounts.
Only you can measure the abundance of blessings you have received and are able to return in time, talent and treasure for God’s work as we unite to continue the mission of Jesus Christ through St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church.

Are we going outside of the Church for Donations?

Yes we are fundraising both within our Church and in the outside Community. When speaking with potential donors outside of the church, the first question asked is where are you now? What has your parish raised? We must first show that we as a Parish believe in and support the project. That is why each of us has an obligation to make our pledge first.
Our survey showed some members wanted to “wait to see what others do” before they made their pledge. This is why now is the time to make our commitments and pledges.